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Application examples

Reference exhibition:
Three-dimensional object position posture recognition control

University-industry research collaboration

It is under development by the university-industry research collaboration with the Chukyo University graduate school Hashimoto laboratory.

Vector pair matching (VPN) system

Extracts feature points of the object from the CAD data, on the basis of the data, do the fast and reliable object recognition processing.


Calculating a feature point in its own judgment, extraction → Reduction of the quantity of data → High speed

Reliability of recognition with high accuracy

Extract only feature point → Reliability improvement of the recognition

Small, low-cost

Reduction of the amount of computation → Computational complexity decreases → Miniaturization and cost reduction

System Configuration

PCFeature points are extracted from the CAD data of the object. The data confirmed that the object on the pan based on, thereby picking by controlling the robot.
SC+A (1)A robot measures, classifies and arranges the target taken up.
SC+A (2)The location of the classified target thing is recognized and it's returned to a dish again.