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SC+A camera with built-in image processing functions

Customizable smart camera SC+A

Product code: SC+A

ICube Technology can provide advice on developing various automation systems.
ICube can also suggest ways to integrate the camera into various robot vision and machine vision systems.

SC+A was featured in "Eizojoho Industrial, May 2015" published by Sangyo Kaihatsukiko Inc.

SC+A was featured in "FPGA Magazine, Vol. 7" published by CQ Publishing Co., Ltd.

SC+A features

No PC required; Linux preinstalled

  • Linux installed
  • ARM dual-core processor
  • FPGA high-speed image library
  • RAM (DDR3) 1 GB
  • Flash memory 32 GB
  • RTC (with backup function)

Adaptive image-capturing functions

  • C-mount lens-compatible
  • Multi-camera-compatible
  • Lighting system control circuit included (K type, T type)

Customizable by customers

  • Programming language used for development: C/C++ (Open CV)
    It provides an Eclipse-based cross integration environment that can run on a PC (Windows/Linux).
  • Original menu included
  • Simple setting menu included

Versatile interface

  • Gigabit Ethernet/PoE
  • Digital I/O (IN: 2, OUT: 2)
  • DVI display max. 1080p (K type, M type)
  • USB 2.0 [HOST] (K type, M type)